Who is Son 0f a Brunette? Part II

wp-1487630310435.jpgWho is Son of a Brunette? Part I  Part II of the saga continues…

In August of 2015, I was blessed with another perfect and handsome baby boy. I had quit my job a few months prior to stay at home with my oldest and our new baby. We were able to keep things semi sane until we decided to move. Sounded easy enough, right? Well just to make things a little more dramatic, I was in the process of planning our wedding, taking care of an extremely jealous toddler, and nursing my youngest full time. Our timing has never been what I would call great. We closed on our old house, moved into our new home 3 weeks later, then were married that very next weekend! No honeymoon, just took the kids home after the reception, like it was another day.

Life is much calmer now. I have hung up the, “perfect mommy” act. My circle of friends is much smaller, I am no longer out to impress. I am just me, the mommy who gives all she can give and just tries not to lose my shit while I’m doing it. I do not have time to judge other mommies like I did with my 1st. Go moms, of all shapes and sizes, do what works for you and your family, and be proud. I do believe however, raising boys is not for the faint of hearts. I say or hear the words, poop, fart, butt and boogers more in a week than I had in my lifetime.  As crazy as they make me, I wouldn’t change my wild boys for anything, except maybe some candy, or peeing alone, those things would be great too!! Well If I haven’t bored you all to death with this hot mess I call, my life. Please join me for what I hope to be many more laughs, not so many sad times, my battle with addiction and how recovery can be amazing, and life without ANY women.

Son Of a Brunette came from the fact that I gave up my potty mouth (not around adults, and slip ups) for my boys, but I think of saying ‘son of a bitch’ daily. I am a brunette, I have sons…it just clicked in my dirty, sarcastic mind!!About

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy!!

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